We make smart marinas


Nauticspot creates solutions for marinas and sailors to enhance the boating experience

Nauticspot provides smart marina devices to optimise marina and harbour management

Increase capacity into the port and the mooring area

Nauticspot innovates and develops IoT equipments to solve berth and mooring management issues. Wireless and easy to install, it displays the occupation on each anchorage in real-time on a marina software, 100% compatible with existing ones.

Nauticspot develops Marina mobile app for boaters and yachting professional to enhance local economy

Marketing & communication to marina and sea users

Nauticspot helps marinas on environmental and digital transformation by promoting destination and local economy, marina e-branding and customer relationship improvement. Nauticspot enhances marinas active in digitalization and operating with a responsible approach.

Marina Vision is the best way to ensure the marina and make the harbor a safe place

Improve safety on docks and water area with cameras

Nauticspot helps marinas to solve safety issues on docks and water area. Thanks to innovative equipments, Nauticspot solutions reduces thefts and incidents to provide the highest level of safety. It reassures yachtmen, professionals and residents of the marina.

Ease the management of your marina !

Nauticspot App is the most powerful and complete mobile app connecting :

  1. Yachtsmen
  2. Marina staff
  3. Local associations
  4. Yachting professionals

This collaborative App simplify interactions between yachting professionals and users:

  • Digital Marina : Manage and display all information with users
  • Security : Ensure boaters safety
  • News, Events, Activities : Highlight attractivity of you destination
  • Branded Application : Enhance marina notoriety and promote its identity
Nauticspot application nautisme et plaisanciers
Nauticspot pontoon sensor ShellSpot


ShellSpot is a smart sensor detecting arrivals and boat departures in a marina. Fixed on docks, this innovation updates the marina management software, in real-time.

It displays an interactive map, creating new incomes opportunities thanks to stopovers optimization and bringing many other benefits for the captaincy.

For boaters, it is also the guarantee to find the berth available when coming back from a cruise. To go even further in providing a high level of security, a signal is sent to the boater when the boat leave its berth.

This sensor is fixed on each berth of the marina and is thought to fitted with marine environment  :

  • Certified quality IP68
  • 1 berth = 1 sensor
  • Wireless and quick to install
  • Using encrypted Lo-Ra signal this technology
  • Long-range and low consumption signal
  • Ultra-resistant materials (anti-vandalism and impact protection)

This innovative solution is protected by an international patent.

Mooring Buoy Nauticspot Oceanspot


Oceanspot is smart mooring buoy. It allows any marina to expand the number of parking lots by transmitting all useful information to the harbor’s master office in real time. The connected buoy displays on Nauticspot’s Marina Software the occupation of the mooring area. From the marina manager side, it is the opportunity to offer more services for boaters, being more reactive and available.

This sustainable nautical equipment helps to preserve seaboards and seabeds.

The Oceanspot smart buoy has a positive impact for the oceans. Automated the inventory, it reduces gasoil consumption. Unsinkable and made with recyclable materials, the connected buoy by Nauticspot is 100% sustainable. In order to improve the impact, we advise marinas to fit an ecological mooring rope.

The smart mooring buoy presents several other benefits :

  • Increase mooring capacity
  • Operational time-saving
  • 10-years autonomy
  • Boat identification
  • Remote reservation
SafeMarina Harbour Security by Nauticspot


SafeMarina is an autonomous solution that secures the entire marina’s area. It makes sure all pleasure boaters feel safe anytime of the day and night.

This innovative system is composed of synchronized cameras, using artificial intelligence algorithm. This way, the marina staff is able to anticipate suspect attitudes of some passer-bys, and quick operate on eventual irruptions. The objective is to provide a high level of safety and security to preserve the attractiveness and charm of marinas and seaside.

The port staff has been able to anticipate suspect attitudes of some passer-bys, and quick operate on eventual irruptions or falls of persons and provides a high level of safety and security on this lovely place.

SafeMarina solution helps to improve boaters and users safety on the marina :

  • Intrusion detection
  • Falls of persons detection
  • Mask-wearing detection
  • Passer-by and vehicle counter
  • Suspicious behaviour detection
  • Early warnings & camera display


We build the technology that help marinas move ahead

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Jessica Olivares


Stayfi Bensedira


Guillaume Aly

Lead Developer

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ML / IoT Engineer

Bernard Darmon

Embedded System Engineer

Zakaria Djedou

Engineering Manager


They trust Nauticspot

This innovative concept makes possible to manage sailing flows. It is a fuel and time saver. Besides, it release harbor staff from weak added value tasks.


A real time saver! Usually, every morning a bosco by boat, goes around the port and notes each empty place, to do well, this task takes 2 hours a day.

Emmanuel Grandjean
Emmanuel Grandjean

I am happy. It is in tune with the times and people need it. This application will become a must-have! It’s a very good step forward that will allow teams to be much more efficient.

Philippe Leonelli
Philippe Leonelli

Great application. I recommend it without hesitation.

Laurent Froin
Laurent Froin

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