Berth and mooring live supervision

Presence sensor for smart marina berth supervision

Shellspot automated berth management

ShellSpot is a smart sensor detecting arrivals and boat departures in a marina. Fixed on docks, this innovation updates the marina management software, in real-time.

It displays an interactive map, creating new incomes opportunities thanks to stopovers optimization. This system is also collecting datas. The marina manager is invited to employ the outputs in their economy, in order to better improve their services for sea users and visitors. 

For boaters, it is also the guarantee to find the berth available when they coming back from a cruise. To go even further in providing a high level of security, a signal is sent to the boater when the boat leave its berth.

Nauticspot sensors fit with marine environment

  • Certified quality IP68
  • 1 berth = 1 sensor
  • Wireless ioT system
  • Quick to install features
  • Encrypted Lo-Ra network
  • Long-range and low consumption signal
  • Ultra-resistant materials (anti-vandalism and impact protection)
  • 5-years autonomy